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List of articles published in newspapers and magazines in recent months.

November 2012

1. The post “ Why Auditors Fail to Detect Frauds?” was published in the newly launched Middle East Accountant Magazine. 

August 2012

1. The post “Lesson from Olympics for GRC Professionals” was covered in Corporate Secretary US online magazine under the title Olympics coverage: earning a gold medal in ethics” on 3 August 2012.

February 2012

1. The Business Enterprise Magazine published the article “Strategy to Execution – A Risky Path” in February 2012 issue.

January 2012

1. The Business Enterprise Magazine published the article “Risks in Budgeting and Forecasting Process”  in January 2012 issue

December 2011

1. The Business Enterprise Magazine published the article “10 Steps for Restructuring Risk Management Function”  in December 2011 issue

November 2011

1. The Business Enterprise Magazine published the article “Pre-employment Background Screening Verification Program” in November 2011 issue

September 2011

1. The Business Enterprise Magazine published the article “10 Best Practices for Governance, Risk Management and Compliance” in September 2011 issue.

August 2011

1.   DNA e-paper published the article”Bangloreans Against Corruption- Supporting Anna Hazare’s Fight for Lokpal Bill” under a different title”Tech Talk to Topi Talk” on 29 August 2011 on page 7. (PDF link)

2. The Business Enterprise Magazine published  my  article “Management Lessons From India’s Freedom Struggle” in its August 2011 issue.

July 2011

1.  The Business Enterprise Magazine published a summary of my article “Building an Ethical Work Culture in Indian Organizations” in its July 2011 issue titled Business Ethics.

2.   The Director’s Dilemma book author Julie McLellan publishes a monthly newsletter by choosing best answers to boardroom questions. Here is the July issue link in which my answer was published.


1.  Institute of Internal Auditors Magazine ( USA)  August 2010 issue contains my article under the section Fraud Findings titled “Across Borders”

The article is a case study of fraud investigation conducted within a span of 24 hours across five countries. A million dollar fraud was conducted in the back office operations of a bank. Employee and organized crime group involvement was determined. To read more, click this link : Across Borders.

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    • Thanks Kelly for visiting the blog and I think reading the article. Very well said, hire the wrong person without integrity or criminal background, the company will sugger.



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