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Hi and welcome,

Thank you for visiting RiskBoard and for your interest. Let me begin by sharing with you my blogging objective and passion for risk management.

The 21st century started with corporate failures. First the dot-com bubble burst, and then Enron and WorldCom accounting failures came to light. Subsequently, on the upside, technology connected the globe. While organizations were still learning to adapt to new regulatory requirements and globalized network, the financial crises rocked the world. The turmoil continues, old bastions – US and Europe – are in recession. With the emerging countries coming in the forefront, a new economic world order is being established. In this age of turbulence, good risk management has become key for corporate survival and growth.

The above-mentioned risk management failures to an extent can be attributed to holding the stick from the wrong end. In order of importance – leadership, strategy, culture, finances, processes, and technology – are required to run an organization successfully. However, maximum focus on risk mitigation in the past was in respect to finances, processes and technology. Risks about leadership, strategy and culture were often ignored. I am focusing my energies on discussing risks relating to these three aspects besides the others.

Thus, the aim is to engage, debate and discuss with business executives, risk management activists, corporate citizens and students, the various facets of this field. Hope is, that by building awareness, sharing knowledge and developing new concepts, readers will apply them in their organizations. Dream is, to make every employee consider risk management as part of his/her job.

Moreover, organizations must strengthen business ethics and risk management practices to flourish in this chaotic environment. The future will be the same as past, unless corporate world focuses on managing risks. Hence, we need to collectively work to avoid future disasters. With a few small things, a few candles lit, some darkness is removed.  In Mother Teresa’s  words – “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”

Obviously, if you are interested in risk management, by now you must be wondering whether I am knowledgeable enough to write about these topics.  I am a qualified Chartered Accountant (India) and a Certified Internal Auditor (USA). I have also cleared Certified Public Accountant examinations (Delaware, USA). I have 15+ years of experience in risk management consulting in areas of strategic, financial and operational – process, fraud, technology – risks. I gained this experience while working in HSBC, Intel, Ernst & Young and other firms. Besides being a blogger, I have fulfilled roles of consultant, researcher, external auditor, internal auditor, fraud investigator, information systems adviser, process engineer and trainer. My detailed work profile is available on LinkedIn. Click here to read it.

On this blog you will find an array of articles on business ethics, corporate governance, risk management and related areas. By subscribing and participating in the discussions, you will join numerous corporate citizens wishing to bring better focus to risk management practices.

Your feedback is extremely valuable to me,  please do spare a few minutes to share your opinion. If you wish to connect with me, you can send me a mail on my LinkedIn profile,  write me an email at “jaspal(dot)sonia1@gmail(dot)com”,  follow me on Twitter “@soniajaspal68” and/or join my fan page on Facebook at ““.

Have a nice day and thank you again for visiting my blog.

Best wishes,

Sonia Jaspal

41 comments on “My Story

  1. Nice Article!!!

    Thanks for the other posts also…you are doing an extremely good job by sharing your experience.

    Please share with us the names of books related to “New ideas, out of the box thinking” you have read.

    • Hardeep,

      Thanks for the appreciation, it is great coming from my first subscriber. To know about the books, check out the link on the blog- Wonderful websites- quite a few are related to author websites. Also, you can vist my linkedin id and see a list out there.



      • It’s really very Nice.
        The the area of Risk Management is one of the key aspect in corporate as well as for all human mankind. Risk Management is now applicable everywhere.

        I have go through your blog first time.
        I Appreciate from my bottom of heart for such wonderful contribution.

        As your have a very rich experience in corporate sector.I appreciate if possible for you to provide me articles, guidance for ” Preparation of Company Budget ” as well as practicle Xls sheet for the same. on my mail id –

        Best Regards,
        Nilesh Jain

  2. Phenomenal blog, I cannot say how many times your posts have illuminated new and interesting ideas, links and techniques for me. My profound personal thanks to you for your hard work and your diligence in writing excellent professional auditor pieces. Also I must thank you for your attention to the larger societal implications of our work. A treat to read and a stimulant for the mind. I had to leave a note for fear that you may not feel the limitless gratitude of the anonymous internet. Keep up the high quality work!

  3. It is pleasure knowing someone having such a inspiring professional profile…I have strong inclination towards writers and readers…i too love reading and a small scribe too.. And few of my interesting subjects are Psychology, Nature, Philosophy and bit of spirituality…I have good interest in religion also… Love knowing about various cultures, people and places…

    Do share more of your ideas, thoughts and experiences about life and anything in the world…

    Bhawna 🙂

  4. Dear Jaspal,

    I will be joining Virgin Atlantic tomorrow (Mon 23/01/12) and will be managing their Technology Strategy and Programme-wide Portfolio.

    I love your articles about Corporate Risk Management and would love to correspond with you and share experiences.

    Will patiently await more thought provoking articles 🙂

    Best regards,

    • Dear Sheikh,

      Thanks for the compliment and wishing you all the best in your new role and company. Will definitely continue to write and look forward to your feedback. Hope I continue to add value in your area of work.

      Kind regards,


  5. Hi Sonia, nice blog – I’m adding it to my regular reading! Like you, I’m questioning the value and impact of so much of “corporate governance” – I believe so strongly in the concept, but am constantly disappointed by the follow through. However, I have seen it work so well in practice, with great Boards in all types of companies, that I know the basics to be true! Keep writing….

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for the compliment and for subscribing to the blog. I agree with you, I have seen some boards in India that are remarkably focused on corporate governance. It is a pleasure to see their functioning.

      Kind regards,


  6. Hi Sharon, I have spent the last 15 minutes browsing you blog and I’m impressed. I expect to return to your site soon. I build the Business Case for purchase and implementation of software, systems and processes to develop our risk management from the multiple risk registers approach to a more mature and value adding ERMS. I can tell your blog will be helpful in preparing this. All the best, Morgan

  7. i have been looking for a blog that makes me Full Thank you Sonia, i will definitely make good use of what i seem to be addicted to already. The Sonia Jaspal Risk Board. One word to describe it “Sensational!” Keep it up am inspired.

  8. Hi Sonia,

    Thanks for your time and effort in writing all the great articles on your blog, which are so rich with practical issues and examples.

    Keep it up!

  9. Hi Sonia,
    This is superb! Thanks for developing this blog. It vital to share the knowledge that on has acquire because it enables many others to benefit – thus the enlightenment of society. Great work!

  10. hello mam, i m selected in a it companany,, but awaiting 4 the offer letter.. but i have lost my class 12th marksheet ,,, will they allow me to join and is there any other way of class 12th marks verification???

  11. I landed to your blog just by chance but it is so good I am here for more than two hours and reading. Very nice written, well designed, and eye pleasing. I start following it on wordpress and you on twitter also.
    I could learn a lot from you.

  12. i have go through your blog first time i really appreciate your work really doing a good job wonderful contribution from your side…:)

    If i want to ask or discuss some thing with you then how can….?

  13. HI Sonia….

    I read your article “Auditors Criticise Without Value Additions”. I felt really meaningful, simple & good.. got interested to read more such articles and visited your blog….

    I serving my CA intern ship… experiencing & getting used to the way an auditor works… such kind of articles will definitely give good directions & thoughts …

    Thanks & waits for some more such good articles…

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