Swacch Bharat Campaign

Gandhi ji Gandhi ji said cleanliness is next to godliness. He inspired his followers by picking up the broom and leading the cleanliness effort. Prime Minister Modi is taking the same course of action. In this day and age where Indians have started thinking getting their hands dirty to do basic cleanliness chores  is beneath their dignity, here is a Prime Minister who is not hesitating to do it himself.

It is a shame that a country that is aiming to become a global power, the citizens are not willing to do their bit for keeping the country clean. When each citizen in the country is messing it up, then it becomes each citizen’s duty to maintain civic sense and keep the country clean.

Government schemes itself are insufficient and government can only do so much. For all the funding provided for various social welfare schemes, 50% of it did not reach the entitled beneficiaries. In respect to sanitation, the schemes effectiveness was just 36%. Hence, the public has to ensure that funds are not wasted, and are utilized effectively. They have to take ownership of the areas in their neighbourhood to ensure cleanliness.

Clean public areas reduce environmental and health risks. With cleaner environments, the likelihood of various viruses and diseases transmitting through air and water reduce. Hence, everyone gains by ensuring cleanliness.

Here are a few suggestions on organizing cleanliness drives in public areas:

  • Choose a road, park, or field that requires cleaning and is a complete eyesore.
  • Form a group on the social networks for your neighbourhood and societies.
  • Contact your local government municipal authorities to find out about their plans and efforts, and seek their cooperation.
  • Select a weekend morning; organize brooms, garbage bags, and cleaning gloves for everyone.
  • Intimate everyone, reach the allotted location, and collect all the garbage.
  • Get the local municipality garbage truck to pick up the garbage bags.

You can also talk to your organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility team  to start these efforts near the office areas, markets and customers. You can take sponsorship from organizations to lead the effort. If you are a young employee, this is a good way to learn project management and leadership skills.

Now cleaning up a locality might not sound the best way to spend a Sunday morning. But trust me, I have done it and it is a great way to meet new people. When one meets new people in conferences and restaurants, one is always putting up an appearance. However, when one is picking up garbage, one can actually understand the person fast because the conversations are real and down to earth. It is a good way to make some real friends.

Another plus is that after a couple of hours of hard work, one has burnt a few calories without going to the gym and can have a good breakfast without the guilt. If you start early, you will also see the sunrise.

Above all, you have done a great service to the nation and contributed your bit to keep India clean.  From all angles, it has a whole lot of positives.

Indians, make India the cleanest country in the world. As Prime Minister Modi said, if we contribute a couple of hours each week, we can do it. Make India Proud.

Wishing all my readers a very happy

Gandhi Jayanti. Let us support our

Prime Minister to make Swacch

Bharat Campaign successful