1 Jan 2012 – A New Begining

I am feeling on top of the world. This blog in its first full year got 51,556 page views. More than doubled from last year (11,299 page views in six months). I have nearly twisted my arm from patting myself on the back for being such an incredibly brilliant writer. With great difficulty I have managed to reign in my egoistic enthusiasm and have decided to be a humble Level 5 leader.

Sincerely, my heartfelt gratitude to all my readers, who came again and again, to read, comment and share my blog posts. For keeping silent when I floundered, and giving me constructive feedback and encouragement to continue learning and growing. I owe it to you all  to share the lessons I learnt in blogging this year. Before I declare the top 10 posts of the year, there are two stories I wanted to share with you.

1. The Audience

Writers give one solid piece of advise – “write for your audience”. For new bloggers, this amounts to asking them to be James Bond when they haven’t read a spy novel.  Nevertheless, since I decided in blogging world the faint hearted can’t succeed, I devised a strategy. My blogging aim was to share my knowledge and experience with the younger risk managers to make a positive difference in their work. So I wrote on topics that I felt passionate about and felt risk managers approach should change.

Six months down the line in June 2011 I got a shock on reviewing audience statistics. To my utter amazement most of my subscribers are in the age group of 44-64 years.

I had missed my target group entirely. I realized most of my readers are more experienced than me. Phew, that discovery was very nerve wrecking. Gen Y seems to be reading entirely different topics. Since I already have over 300 Gen X and Boomers subscribers, I have changed my strategy and will continue to write topics for them. Lesson learnt was do better market research to match products with your own skill set. By the way, are any of my subscribers single men over 44 years of age?

Resolution for the year: Understand audience tastes better. Reading Only.

2. The Blogging Etiquette

Another advise given is be careful what you write on the blog, in the internet world all is visible. Ha, have you every heard of a risk management blog going viral. With my first few subscribers, I was hardly worried.

Till it suddenly dawned on me, my ex colleagues, bosses and clients were following my blog. None of them informed me, as they quietly used Risky Secretive Subscribers (RSS) feed. Have you ever imagined what you will feel when all your bosses, boy-friends and the not so friendly guys all are in one room. Here, they are not only in one room, they are invisible to each other and me.

Sob, sob, sob. I identified a couple of my posts where I had nicely put my foot in my delicate mouth. Wondered seriously, should I continue to chew the nails of my toes, or take my foot out and put my fingers inside my mouth.  Political correctness was never my strong point, but this. Me, the poor little baby.

Resolution for the year : Be politically correct. Seriously.

3. The Good Posts

As is the blogging tradition, I shall list down the top posts for the past year. Surprisingly, some of my 2010 are still going great guns. So, here are the top five from each year. Hope you enjoyed them.


1. Key Performance Indicators for GRC Departments

2. Rs 300 crore CitiBank Fraud

3. Fraud Symptom 5 – Insufficient focus on Organization Culture and Processes

4. Enterprise Risk Management V/s Strategic Risk Management

5. Reflections on Definition of Corporate Governance in India


1.  Impact of Organization Culture on Internal Controls

2.  Deviant Organization Culture

3.  Pre-employment Background Screening Verification Program

4.  Risk Management Strategy of Virgin Group

5.  Mother Teresa – An Inspiration for Social Responsibility

Resolution for the year: Write only good quality posts.

Wishing You A Very Happy New Year

Finally, once again a big thank you to all my readers. This song is my tribute to all of you. May our relationship grow and prosper in this year. And you enjoy the journey as much as I do.

Hope you are successful in achieving all your ethical dreams in 2012.

Best wishes,


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  1. Thank you very much Sonia for your wishes, inspiring thoughts and useful comments to improve and spread the risk management culture. On behalf of Risk Boutique I also wish you and all your family a peaceful, healthy and successful new year! David Giamboni

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