Let Us Help The Japanese

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant seems to be at the brink of a catastrophe with the increasing probability of meltdown of the fuel in reactors and exposure of spent fuel rods in the rooftop pools. The estimated radiation risk is increasing and would have severe impact on health and safety of the Japanese people. The Japanese are still reeling under the loss caused by the earthquake and tsunami; this third hit may break their resilient spirit. They are in dire need of help from the world. I think world citizens we need to step up our efforts to give them our support and assistance.

It is heartbreaking to see children being checked for radiation. The little ones don’t even know what it is all about. I send a little prayer to God to keep them safe every time I see a photograph. I don’t know whether God is listening but it is worth a try. The Japanese survival strength and capability to recover is well known. The previous generation of Japanese suffered radiation impact because of World War II attacks and it seems that the present generation is deemed towards the same fate. Let us pray for the health and safety of the Japanese people.

The Japanese have a culture of deep respect and duty. It is society over the individual. The strength of their culture and character is depicted in this crisis. Whereas when other disasters (e.g. Haiti) have occurred, we hear stories of violence, theft, looting etc. In Japan, their discipline is showing, no person is taking advantage of another’s misfortune or vulnerability. They are going without essentials like food and water, and stoically facing adversity. Let us donate whatever we can to the charitable organizations to support them. Here is a link if you wish to donate funds

Japanese child getting radiation exposure check

The sacrifice of the emergency staff at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is heroic. I think all military and security staff somewhere know that sometime in their career they will have to put their life at stake for the wellbeing and safety of the society. To think theoretically and imagining it is different. To actually face the time when one knows that fulfilling the call of duty may result in lifetime health problems or death is victory of human spirit. Let us world over ensure that the emergency workers and all the families are financially supported and provided the best possible health care. The world should honor and respect their sacrifice and courage.

I heard the news today that countries are calling back their citizens and companies are providing safe passage to their expat employees. My question is what about the Japanese staff, who is looking after them? Globally the corporate sector and public has benefited from Japanese technology and collaborations. There will be hardly a household that does not have Japanese gadgets. Their products made our life easier. Is it not the social responsibility of the world to ensure that in their hour of need the Japanese are protected? Can the organizations not provide the Japanese a safe passage or holiday for a month in their home countries, till things stabilize in Japan. Is it not possible for Indian employees (and other countries employees) to host Japanese colleagues’ families for a few weeks? It may impact the bottom line a bit, but let us be more caring for the Japanese who are suffering.

The other aspect of Japanese collaborations and partnerships is that companies who have joint ventures or export agreements may not get the products on time. In the next month, the stock deliveries maybe haphazard or negligible. The manufacturing companies may suffer losses if they do not have secondary suppliers. Let us support the Japanese organizations by not raising the penalty clauses attached in the contractual agreements for non-delivery. With the financial losses the Japanese are facing let us not levy more charges on them. They really are not in a shape to bear them.

Lastly, with the colossal damage of infrastructure due to the earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese government and organizations will be looking for funds. Generally, Japan has been lending funds to other countries. Let us ask our governments to take the initiative to return those funds and give additional funds at low cost to Japan. The global markets need to ensure that Japanese financial markets and exports are sustained to give them a chance to re-construct.

I have always been impressed by Japanese “can do” attitude. I think even after so much damage, they will be able to stand up and rebuild their nation quickly. All they need from a world is a bit of support and leeway. We need to show some of the moral courage and character they have shown to the world. Let us pray that the emergency workers are successful in minimizing the damage to the reactors and give the Japanese people all our love and support.

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  1. The stalwart face the japanese are presenting is as admirable as it is tragic. To be faced with the dangers of radiation with its insidious legacy of dangerous residue in the midst of the echoes of the double disaster of earthquake and tsunami is a trial of unprecended cruelty. I salute the people and share their heartbreak – all we can do is support those on the ground with donations and help that our hopes and words help to heal these raw wounds.

    • Share your feelings Michael, it is amazing that at such a time of adversity the whole Japanese national is showing such a strong moral fibre. Their courage is remarkable and my heart goes out to them for all the pain they are suffering. The human race needs to learn some lessons from them.


  2. As you very correctly pointed out the people of Japan have shown fortitude and calmness normally not known to Indians.But this cannot be said of the private sector which is controlling the Fujishama plant. They have been throwing water from helicopters when fuel rods are exposed in unit 3.Why the IAEA headed by a Japanese is silent? It would have cried hoarse if the same thing has happenned in India or Pakistan or any other third world nuke plant. As in the case of BP in Mexican oil spill, the private sector is not worthy of keeping custody of nuke plants.As usual the the chorus against Indian nuke plants have grown shrill instead of learning from this catastrophe.India must have an emergency procedure for burying nuke plants at short notice as Russians did in Chernobyl.

    • Captain,

      Agree with you there. As per reports the Japanese energy companies misreported risks previously and now. Definitely better cororate governance and disassociation of govt and energy companies could have prevented these risks from occuring. Yes, double standards are being used and Indian govt is somewhat blind and totally corrupt. If a disaster of this level occurs in India, Indian govt will be illequipped to maange it. Still it is going ahead with nuclear plants in high earthquake zones. India can use solar energy to develop equlivalent amount however it is not focusing on it. Amazingly skewed up strategy of UPA govt.

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