Martyrs Day – Mahatma Gandhi’s Death Anniversary

Today, it is Mahatma Gandhi’s 63rd death anniversary. In the present world, that is seeing the tense faceoff between the government and public in Egypt and Tunisia, Gandhiji’s guiding principles need to be remembered. He preached non-violent protests, tolerance and peaceful coexistence of people from divergent religions, races and castes.

I think his presence is sorely missed in the world today. The leaders in government and corporate sector are motivated through greed, unethical practices, tyrannical and autocratic thinking. They obsessively cling to power by whatever means possible. The idea of sacrificial leadership for the benefit of the masses is non-existent. The agenda is to cater to one’s self interest by deluding the masses. Conflict between public is raised by playing on emotions to raise them to fight on behalf of their community, religion, race or country. Leaders do public propaganda to misguide people to self-destruction rather than guide them towards constructive and spiritual behavior.

Here I am dedicating a song to the memory of Gandhiji for having the courage to stand up for the betterment of humanity. We wish there were more leaders like him today.

Colonial Cousins “Krishna nee Begane baaroo ..” Hariharan…Krishna nee Begane Baaroo means “Oh God, please come back”- Its in English, as most of my readers are English speaking,  do listen to it.

 I think somewhere we have forgotten how to say ‘NO” to injustice, corruption, hatred and greed. Here is Mahatma Gandhi’s quote which we can learn a whole lot from:

 “A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.”

Let us pray that God gives us a little bit of courage which Mahatma Gandhi had for fighting for what is right.