Sonia Gandhi Acknowledges Corruption Problem In India

Sonia Gandhi

Mrs Sonia Gandhi, Congress President during her speech at Teen Murti House on the 10th Indira Gandhi Conference titled ”An Indian Social Democracy : Integrating Markets, Democracy and Social Justice acknowledged the problem of corruption and the moral challenges facing Indian society. Her two significant statements are given below:

“Graft and greed are on the rise. The principles on which independent India was founded, for which a generation of great leaders fought and sacrificed their all, are in danger of being negated.”

“Our economy may increasingly be dynamic, but our moral universe seems to be shrinking. Prosperity has increased, but so has social conflict. Intolerance of various kinds is growing… We are right to celebrate our high rate of economic growth. We must do all that we can to sustain it. However, let us not forget that growth is not an end in itself.”

She stated that India cannot hide behind the growth story. Corruption needs to be addressed to have a balanced growth. If not addressed, it may turn into the biggest blockage in progress of India.

A candid admission on the challenges of Indian economy and society. A significant change in stance. Looks like there is still hope for India.