Celebration Time – 50 Posts Old

This is the 50th post on the blog. A big thank you to all my readers for the journey so far. This blog is still a baby and learning to walk on its own in the big-big blog world.

The journey was exciting with a lot of learning, anxiety and happy moments. Let me share the story with all of you.

I had always wanted to start a risk management blog. So finally I decided to take the plunge in March this year and opened this wordpress account. Then as usual suffered a bout of nerves and had all the doubts assail me. Being a risk manager, my list of ‘what can go wrong’ is generally longer than any other professional. The one thing which was not on the ‘what can go wrong list’ was that there was minimal probability of running out of writing material. The financial crises, corruption, frauds etc. can keep this blog going for at least a decade.

 In April, I gathered my courage and published the first post. Then I wondered who will read it, and whether it will get any response at all. Some hits showed me that people did read the article, but there were no comments, so didn’t know whether the readers liked it. Then I received the first comment, a critical analysis of the topic. I was over the moon, finally I had confirmation of a reader. A very big thank you to all the commentaters, their feedback keeps me going.

Meanwhile, I was doing research on other blogs and studying blog writing tips. These finally gave me the confidence to kick off the blog on a long-term basis. I started regularly writing from July 2010 and the response is encouraging. My posts were re-blogged by fellow risk management and ethics bloggers and this definitely boosted my confidence. I would like to thank them for the vote of confidence and appreciation given to my writing.

I think all bloggers have some apprehensions when they start. Mine was that all the blog advisors said keep the tone same and write the same message consistently. My challenge was that I have opposing viewpoints on each topic and can carry on an internal debate on any topic for a few hours at least if not days and years. Again, my writing varies according to the mood I am in, so how do I write in the same tone? I decided to plunge ahead by ignoring the advice. Simple, since I couldn’t figure out how to follow it, it was best to ignore it. I decided to be me, share my very essence of contradictory thinking. To my surprise my contradictory posts and views have been very well accepted and appreciated. Here is a list of the top 5:

  1. Establishing a Code of Business Ethics
  2. Insignificance of Ethics in Leadership
  3. Brand Building of Risk Management Department
  4. Management Lessons from India’s Freedom Struggle
  5. Mother Teresa- An Inspiration of Social Responsibility & Whistle-blowing – The Psychological Paradox

The first two topics are diametrically opposite.  The fifth position is shared by two topics which portray different human emotions – sacrifice and selfishness.  I think the world is open to accepting different aspects of thinking and a person’s personality, it is just that we are scared of being judged on displaying the same and get bracketed in one mode. I would encourage my fellow bloggers who have the same apprehension, to take the risk of doing so.

In September 2010, the views on the blog crossed 1200. In 20 days of October the views are over a 1000. Now I do not know whether this is good, bad or ugly for a three-month old risk management blog, since there is no comparative data available. Ignorance is bliss, I have decided to celebrate it with all my readers.

Once again, thank you all for reading my posts, taking the time out to discuss them and providing feedback. I look forward to your continued support.  Hope with time we build stronger relationships.