We All Have A Bad Boss

I was going through the various groups of Linkedin and seeing the updates of my connections. The one thing which hit me hard was the number of topics about bad bosses and how to manage them. Every person had some experience on how CXO’s/ bosses behave negatively and how to deal with the situation.

I did not see any comment from a CXO saying- “I am a bad CXO and this is my suggestion on how not to do the same mistake”. I didn’t see any message from a regular boss (senior/middle) saying that “Hey, these are the mistakes which I made while being a boss”. Or any person saying “Hey, my boss is nice but I am a bad subordinate”.

With my tongue firmly in cheek, I kind of wondered. Except for fresh employees all of us are someone’s boss and have some subordinates. So how come we have a bad boss and are such good subordinates. And the surprising thing is our juniors are saying the same “My boss is bad, I am a good subordinate”.

I think most of us haven’t reached the CXO level nor are likely to reach. Hence the HR industry is focusing on the rest by showing empathy and sympathy for dealing with the bad boss. This is a good branding exercise by the HR industry to rope in new customers for coaching and mentoring. Nobody likes someone else having authority over them, as kids we didn’t like our parents telling us what to do, and as adults we don’t like our bosses telling us what to do. It is a universal emotional thought process which HR industry is exploiting by giving us a shoulder to cry on.

I am not going to give you 10 steps of how to manage a bad boss. I would recommend reading Scott Adam’s book – Dilbert The Joy Of Work -Guide to finding Happiness at the Expense of your Co-workers. It is one of the books which give profound meaning to working as a subordinate. 

Watch the clip to understand the true meaning of a hardworking employee who has a really bad boss. My heart goes out to him.

5 comments on “We All Have A Bad Boss

  1. You’re so right Sonia. It’s always easy to criticise our boss, and equally easy to forget about our own flaws.
    The video is hilarious !

    • Hi Sandrine,

      Nice to see you hear. I have over time realized that human beings have perfected the art of self deception :P. They simply can’t see/hear the truth about themselves if it is bad and can’t see/hear the truth about others if it is good.



  2. Agree, and acceptable truth, every one does it, but , they don’t know and doesn’t wanted to know.
    Great insight….

    Thanx for sharing your feelings and thoughts, keep doing the same.

    Cheers !

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